‘There’s No Fear’ Cipung Playing with Tiger Alshad Ahmad

Jakarta – Rayyanza Malik Ahmad alias Cipung appears to be playing with Alshad Ahmad’s tiger. This also made netizens praise Rafathar’s younger brother for his courage.

Curious about the full story? Check the article below.

Photo with Tiger

The youngest son of the couple Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, Rayyanza Malik Ahmad, made netizens excited. The reason is that recently he was seen daring to enter the white tiger cage belonging to his uncle, Alshad Ahmad.

The moment was also immortalized by his parents on Instagram. In fact, Raffi and Nagita also seemed to praise the brave attitude of the baby who is familiarly called Cipung, because he was not only afraid to enter the tiger cage, but also touched it.

Cipung Dare to Hug Selen,” wrote Raffi Nagita’s account on Instagram.

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