There’s no heart to watch over

Jakarta – After deciding to remove the veil, many commented on Inara Rusli’s original attitude. He also confirmed that his attitude had indeed changed after removing the veil.

The mother of 3 children also revealed that now she has no more hearts to look after. See below in full.

Different attitudes after removing the veil

In the podcast with Anji and Inara Idola Rusli, the two highlighted Inara’s more open attitude after removing the veil. The mother of 3 children revealed that her true nature was like that.

Furthermore, Anji said that previously Inara looked quieter. Virgoun’s wife then replied that she had to maintain her attitude because she was wearing a veil.

“What is Inara really like?” said Anji, quoted from MANJI’s YouTube channel on July 5, 2023.
“Yes, I’m actually like this,” Inara replied.

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