These 7 Artists Are Willing to Endure Pain for a Couple’s Tattoo on the Body, No. 5 Affair’s Face as Medicine!

Jakarta – Tattoos are a form of body art that can include a variety of designs, including the faces of other people. The shape of the tattoo can imply its own meaning for some people who have it. And other people’s faces can hint at proof of someone’s love for their partner.

We can find this in several Indonesian artists! Anyone? Here’s a row of artists who carve tattoos on the body for couples.

tora sudiro

Since getting married on December 19, 2009, Tora Sudiro has always been seen to have great love for Mieke Amalia. One of the proofs is that Tora chose his wife’s face as a form of tattoo on his hand. Mieke’s face is clearly visible when carved into the tattoo, especially the pictures of her eyes that are so beautiful.

assistant officer

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