‘This is my sin’ Lina Mukherjee is not ashamed to admit that she has tasted popcorn and batteries

Jakarta – TikTok celebrity Lina Mukherjee has opened up again about her sins and mischief she has committed in her life.

Not hypocritical, this woman who loves Bollywood admits that she has tasted all walks of life and all ages. Is it true? Scroll through the following articles!

Taste Brondong

Lina mukherjee

The owner’s full name is Lina Lutfiawati alias Lina Mukherjee, her figure is indeed in the spotlight, because of a number of controversies that have succeeded in causing a commotion. This time, the woman who was caught in a legal case because of her content eating pork admitted all her mistakes, from adultery to mistakes.

Lina even admitted that she wanted to show the sins she had committed through Instagram stories, so that she would not become a hypocritical human being. As a result, Lina was frank if she had ever tasted aka having sex with popcorn or batteries.

“Actually, I already want to tell this community, it’s my sin. I’ve done this with men, with other people’s husbands, with brondong, I’ve tasted everything,” said Lina Mukherjee in a YouTube broadcast, reported Friday, June 30, 2023 .

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