This is the figure of Lesti Kejora in Tessa Mariska’s eyes: She is a housewife..


Jakarta – Sworddut Lesti Kejora is known as a polite public figure and has many achievements. It’s no wonder that senior singers like Tessa Mariska idolize her.

Following Lesti Kejora’s journey, Tessa Mariska was amazed by Lesti’s attitude, which was considered unchanged. Curious? Come on, see the following article!

The figure of Lesti

Various sources

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Senior Indonesian singer Tessa Mariska’s name went viral again after imitating the actions of Putri Ariani and Agnez Mo singing. Not only that, Tessa also admitted that she really idolized Lesti Kejora and even had time to follow her career journey.

Through an infotainment show, Tessa told about her views regarding the figure of Lesti who was known as a polite and innocent child before marriage, but now has a new status as a housewife.

“Lesti’s figure in my eyes now, yes, in my eyes at this time I saw her as a cute girl, a petite girl with potential and a girl who is obedient to her parents,” said Tessa Mariska on YouTube Esge Entertainment, reported Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

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