This is the heartbreaking story of Happy Asmara, which tells the story of her second younger sibling, who is autistic and died of tetanus


Jakarta – Singer Happy Asmara suddenly shared a sad and heartwarming story, where he told the story of his second younger sibling who had autism and died.

Not many know that the singer of the song ‘Rungkad’ has an autistic younger brother. What’s the story? Let’s take a peek below.

The story of Happy’s Autistic Sister


Photo : Instagram/happy_asmara77

The owner’s real name is Heppy Rismanda Hendranata, or better known as Happy Asmara, shared the story of her second sister’s struggle to survive despite being born abnormal and with special needs.

Leaked by the 24-year-old dangdut singer, his second brother had a disorder or autism since birth and could not live normally like other children. Often injuring himself, Happy Asmara’s second sister has now passed away.

“The second brother died, my younger brother was born autistic because his water broke inside. So when he says it’s just a..i..if he says that. We don’t know if he’s hungry either,” said Happy Asmara during a live TikTok, reported Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

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