This is the wise response of Tantri Kotak after her face was called like a maid by Posan Tobing


Jakarta – Being insulted by his face similar to a maid or household assistant by Posan Tobing, the vocalist of the Kotak band finally reacted and gave a wise response to answer Posan’s insults.

Like being made emotional because she insulted the work of a household assistant and looked down on her, this is how Tantri alludes to the Tobing Posan insult. Let’s just scroll!

The owner’s full name is Tantri Syalindri Ichlasari, who has had a successful career in the country’s music scene, with the big name ‘Box’. Having been teased harshly by Posan Tobing and being said to have a face similar to that of a maid, the wife of Hatna Danarda replied with a shocking message.

Not accepting the insults that were sent down and demeaning the work of household assistants, the 33-year-old singer admitted that the work of household assistants was very noble.

Photos with household assistants or, roughly speaking, there are still many who call helpers. Why is it so low? Even though their work is really NOBLE, if I’m not there, the house will fall apart. So there is no low job, the low is a creature that looks down on people another,” wrote Tantri’s Instagram statement, which was allegedly satirized by Posan Tobing, reported on Sunday, July 16, 2023.

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