‘Those who get the award have the work’, Tiara Marleen joins in on Inara Rusli


Jakarta – Previously, Inara Rusli received two awards at an event, for the categories of life and romance. But apparently the award invited pros and cons from netizens.

One of them is Tiara Marleen who also commented on the award received by Inara Rusli. Like what? See below in full.

Tiara Marleen Nyinyir to Inara Rusli

Tiara Marleen

Inara Idol Rusli has just received 2 awards for her life. He won the category of the shortest life and the shortest romance.

However, the award drew negative comments from netizens who considered it unfair. Including one of them, Tiara Marleen, who also quipped about the award Inara received.

He said that if the poor divorced, no one would care. According to Tiara Marleen, those who should receive awards are those who have works.

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