Tiara Andini Kegep Follow Alshad Ahmad on Threads, Netizen Julid: What matters is Ygy’s treasure

Jakarta – After the latest application from Instagram, Threads, was launched, public figures who own the auto blue tick are competing to register their accounts.

One that is visible is the singer Tiara Andini. But what’s interesting, following or people followed Tiara only two, and one of them is Alshad Ahmad. So, what do netizens say? Let’s check the article!

Tiara Follow Alshad Ahmad

Tiara alshad

The continuation of Tiara Andini’s relationship with Alshad Ahmad still raises questions to this day. As is known, the name Alshad Ahmad caused a commotion a few months ago because a woman named Nissa Asyifa appeared who claimed to be married and had children from Alshad.

However, this issue was never answered with a clear truth because Alshad Ahmad’s family did not want to talk. On the other hand, Tiara Andini, who was dragged along, also did not provide any clarification. As a result, there are those who think that the two of them have broken up, but many also think that they are still dating.

One of the proofs for this alleged emergence is the action of Tiara Andini, who only followed Alshad and one of his friends on the newest application, Threads. Netizens realized this and made them comment.

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