Traumatized, Betrand Peto felt scared before performing with Lesti Kejora

Jakarta – Betrand Peto Putra Onsu or Onyo was previously said to have been ignored while performing with Rossa. The news that spread as a result of a video from a TikTok netizen had a long tail that Rossa took to legal action.

After the incident, it seems that Onyo was traumatized when he was about to perform with Lesti Kejora. Like what?

Fear Before Performing with Lesti Kejora


Photo : TikTok/kingsinyo96

Onyo seems to be still traumatized by the excitement that occurred after he performed with Rossa some time ago.

This time, Ruben Onsu’s adopted son had the opportunity to return to performing with the country’s famous singer, namely Lesti Kejora. However, before the gig, Onyo asked Ruben Onsu.

This moment was revealed by Ruben Onsu himself through an upload he made on Threads.

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