Traumatized by marriage, Dina Lorenza makes a scene with young men

Jakarta – The love life of senior actress Dina Lorenza has indeed captured the public’s attention. Having admitted that she was traumatized by marriage because it failed twice, now Dina has uploaded a photo with a young man.

Wow, who do you think this guy is? Let’s take a peek at the full news below.

Dina Lorenza Uploads Photos with Men

Dina Lorenza recently uploaded a portrait with a man. You can see Dina holding the camera and inviting the man to take a photo.

Apparently, Dina was with a young soap opera actor, namely Antonio Blanco Junior. Both of them smiled brightly at the camera.

Not just one photo, Dina includes three pictures at once. However, Dina’s portrait with Antonio is not due to having a special relationship.

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