Trending ‘knee vibrates’, this is the content of Hanum Mega’s husband’s obscene chat with his mistress


Jakarta – Rows of Indonesian celebrities are currently being hit by a hot issue, namely the affair committed by a couple of public figures.

After Virgoun, Syahnaz, now the name of the celebrity program Hanum Mega is also reported to have been dragged away because her husband had an affair with another woman that went viral. Is it true? Scroll next article!

Trending Vibrating Knees

Apart from looking at the evidence chat her husband is intimate with another woman, Hanum Mega also exposed the face of Achmad Herlambang’s mistress, who was reported to be positively pregnant after the two of them had sex 3 times.

Not only that, the content is viral chat Achmad Herlambang was intimate when he invited Wikwik’s mistress, also highlighted by netizens because they discussed the issue of vibrating knees.

Seeing that, #knee was suddenly trending on Twitter after Hanum Mega posted all the evidence chat Achmad Herlambang’s affair with a woman named Tama Tazia alias Zia.

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