Trial against Gideon Tengker Lawsuit of IDR 300 Billion Postponed Again, Rieta Amilia Chooses Vacation

Jakarta – Today the South Jakarta District Court again held a hearing on the Goni Gini Property Lawsuit that was registered by Gideon Tengker against his ex-wife, Rieta Amilia worth IDR 300 billion.

However, this time the trial was again adjourned by the panel of judges. Here’s the full review, let’s see!

Gideon Tengker Undergoes Gono Gini’s Treasure Trial, Rieta Amilia Chooses to Travel

Gideon Tengker

Based on Intipseb’s monitoring, Gideon Tengker appeared to be present at the South Jakarta District Court. Not alone, he was accompanied by his attorney, Erles Rareral.

As information, the agenda for this trial concerns the second summons for the defendant. However, Rieta Amilia never appeared at the South Jakarta District Court.

Reported by Intipseleb from her personal Instagram, Rieta Amilia has just uploaded a photo with her son. In his statement, Raffi Ahmad’s in-laws were going on vacation.

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