Two Divas! The moment Rossa met SNSD’s Taeyeon in Jakarta made it hysterical

Jakarta – SNSD’s Taeyeon successfully held a concert last night titled ‘The OOD of LOVE’ in Jakarta. Attended by thousands of SONEs (SNSD fans), Taeyeon’s slick appearance was a success.

One of the Indonesian artists who attended was Rossa. Not only watching Taeyeon’s performance at the concert, but Rossa also had the opportunity to interact directly, you know. The moment was successfully captured on camera. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the full news below.

Rossa Direct Interaction with Taeyeon SNSD

Through her personal Instagram, Rossa shared a series of her excitement while watching Taeyeon’s concert in Jakarta. While carrying SNSD’s lightstick, Taeyeon was seen sitting in the middle section of the seating area.

However, the moment Rossa was able to meet Taeyeon directly backstage became the public spotlight. This was shared by Rossa via an Instagram feed upload.

“What a concert @taeyeon_ss. See you at the next concert. Good work,” wrote Rossa in English and Korean, Sunday, July 23, 2023.

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