Until Crying, Lina Mukherjee Fell Sick After a Day of Detention


Palembang – Lina Mukherjee fell ill after being officially jailed for a day for the content of eating pork. Reportedly, Lina was taken to the polyclinic because of her illness.

So, how is the condition of Lina Mukherjee who is sick after being imprisoned? Take a peek at how things are!

Lina Mukherjee Sick


Photo : Instagram.com/linamukherjee_

According to VIVA, Lina Mukherjee fell ill after a day behind bars. Due to illness, the woman who was in trouble with the law because of her pork eating content, was rushed to the polyclinic.

Apparently, Lina Mukherjee experienced dizziness and pain in the pit of the stomach. Ike Rahmawati as the Head of the Palembang Prosecutor’s Office confirmed this.

Ike Rahmawati explained that Lina complained of dizziness and pain in the pit of the stomach, so she was immediately taken to the polyclinic. In fact, Ike stated that Lina Mukherjee had cried because of the pain she was experiencing.

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