Uploading a Striking Message, Here’s the ‘Figure’ Behind Who Holds Bobon Santoso’s IG Account When Detained

Jakarta – Quite surprising news came from a YouTuber named Bobon Santoso. The reason is, he is suspected to have been secured by the Bali Province National Narcotics Agency (BNN).

Intipseleb knows this from his uploads on his personal Instagram. Apart from that, he also wrote poignant sentences. So how will it go? Let’s take a peek at the following article below.

Upload Apologies

Instagram/ @bobonsantoso

Photo : Instagram/ @bobonsantoso

Reporting from his personal Instagram account, Bobon Santoso and his colleagues were seen wearing orange prison clothes. Their hands were also seen being handcuffed by the Bali Provincial BNN.

In Intipseleb’s monitoring, the YouTuber and chef seemed to be looking down sluggishly while smiling flatly. The post contained an apology message.

“I’m sorry,” said the uploaded statement, quoted by Intipseleb on Friday, July 14, 2023.

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