Urged for clarification by Denny Sumargo, Arya Saloka’s answer made netizens suspicious


Jakarta – Arrogant basketball player Denny Sumargo was seen urging Arya Saloka to clarify on stage when he was about to read out the nominations at the Awards ceremony.

In his chat, Densu was seen mocking Arya Saloka about his clarification with Amanda Manopo. Intrigued by Arya Saloka’s answer? Scroll through the following articles!

Urged for Clarification

Arya Saloka, Denny Sumargo

The issue of the rift in the household of Arya Saloka and Putri Anne is increasingly sticking out to the public, many even suspect that the two of them have divorced and separated their homes.

The circulation of an intimate video of Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo has led to the opinion that the two of them are entangled in forbidden love so that local love occurs. Not only that, many netizens have been distracted with the same items that Amanda and Arya use on social media.

Even following the gossip, Denny Sumargo also teased Arya Saloka while on the awards stage to ask him for clarification immediately.

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