Vacation to Rome, Yuki Kato even thought he wanted to offer a scam

Italy – Yuki Kato shared his vacation moments in Rome, Italy. He took a photo at one of the historical locations there, so he had a funny experience.

He is thought to want to offer a scam. Here’s the full article.

Yuki Kato was seen traveling through the city of Rome alone and visited a number of famous Italian tourist sites. One of the tourist sites that Yuki had visited was the historic Pantheon site in Rome.

Yuki looks amazed when he sees the inside of the Pantheon which witnesses the history of Rome’s glory in the past. This artist of Japanese descent admits that he can’t imagine how people in ancient times could be creative in making works including infrastructure matters.

Ancyuuuur is really good!!!! Pantheon, you are AWESOME! All the details, history, beginnings, right down to the infrastructure...,” wrote Yuki Kato on Instagram, quoted on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

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