Very Inspirational! Zaskia Mecca’s Struggle to Caring for Five Children with Asthma at Home

Jakarta – Homeland artist, Zaskia Adya Mecca tells the story of caring for a child who suffers from asthma at home. Of the six children she cares for at home, five of them have asthma.

“I have five children, Mas Hanung brought one. So actually six children are in the house. And five out of six children have asthma,” said Zaskia Mecca, quoted by IntipSeleb from YouTube Melaney Ricardo on Saturday, July 1, 2023.

Zaskia said she had to go to the hospital several times to take care of her child. Check out the full review below.

Back and forth to the Hospital

Zaskia Mecca

Zaskia admitted that she could go to the hospital three times to take care of her baby. For him, this is quite draining.

“But, because Bhumi is also at home, I take care of five asthmatic children. And if asked, how many times a week do you go to the hospital and see the doctor, like maybe two, three times a week. Very tired,” said Zaskia.

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