Video of Nagita Slavina Sleeping Scattered, Netizens: It’s Just Beautiful

Jakarta – Raffi Ahmad shared a video of Nagita Slavina sleeping while on his way to a place. In the video, Nagita looks so soundly asleep that he doesn’t realize his facial expressions.

Seeing the video, netizens actually praised the beauty of Nagita Slavina. What was Nagita Slavina’s moment like while sleeping? Here’s the article.

Video of Nagita Slavina

Raffi Ahmad, Nagita Slavina

Raffi Ahmad seemed very happy with his wife, Nagita Slavina. In a video, he shows a woman who is familiarly called Gigi sleeping soundly.

Mama Gigi Bolo-Bolo,” wrote Raffi Ahmad, in his Instagram post.

At that moment, Nagita Slavina’s facial expressions seemed uncontrollable. Raffi himself was seen mocking his wife by playing Tina Toon’s Bolo Bolo song.

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