Violenzia Jeanette once alluded to cheating before breaking up with Marcelino Lefrandt

Jakarta – The love affair of Violenzia Jeanette and Marcelino Lefrandt is reportedly over. Their romance has recently been in the spotlight because they are having an interfaith relationship.

Before breaking up, it turned out that Violenzia Jeanette had mentioned cheating. Like what?

Allude to Cheating Before the Breakup

Marcelino Lefrand, Violetzia

Not long ago Violenzia Jeanette guested on YouTube Fuji An. He admitted that at this time he had broken up with Marcelino Lefrandt and was not in a relationship with anyone.

He said he had broken up on good terms with the 48-year-old actor.

“Now I really don’t have a partner, it just so happens that I have another birthday. Yes, I broke up on good terms. We tell each other that we can’t be together anymore, so let’s just be realistic,” said Violenzia Jeanette quoted from YouTube Fujian, Thursday, July 6, 2023.

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