Viral Due to Being Cheated on, Hanum Mega Rejects Endorsement and Refuses to Come to the Podcast

Jakarta – Celebrity Hanum Mega’s name is being scrutinized by the public, after the case of an affair committed by her husband Achmad Herlambang came out to the public.

Cheated on when she was heavily pregnant with her second child, Hanum Mega refused endorsements and podcast invitations. Is it true? Scroll through the following articles!

Reject Endorsements

Hanum Mega

The rise of cases of infidelity that occurred among public figures in the country made Hanum Mega one of the victims. Even after being cheated on by couples like Inara Rusli, Dahlia Poland to Lady Nayoan, they are currently being flooded with endorsements from various big products.

It didn’t stop there, the women who were victims of their partners’ infidelities were also flooded with invitations from big podcasts. However, this was not accepted by Hanum Mega because of her condition when she was pregnant.

Even after being cheated on by Achmad Herlambang, Hanum Mega’s health condition had dropped so that he had to be hospitalized.

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