Viral Imitating Putri Ariani’s Style to Agnez Mo, Now Tessa Mariska Returns to Parody How Lesti Sings


Jakarta – The figure of Tessa Mariska has recently succeeded in making the public excited and entertained, through a number of actions that mimic the singing style of Putri Ariani and Agnez Mo.

It didn’t stop there, Tessa also looked enthusiastic when she followed Lesti’s recent singing method, which returned to the stage and became a judge at a talent search event. Curious? Let’s scroll the article.

Parody of Lesti

YouTube/Esge Entertainment

Photo: YouTube/Esge Entertainment

Senior singer Tessa Mariska has again made the public furious because of her newest act, which parodies Lesti Kejora’s style of singing on stage. After a vacuum due to cases of domestic violence (domestic violence), now Rizky Billar’s wife has successfully shown her cool appearance on one of the dangdut television stages.

She was so amazed by Lesti Kejora, Tessa Mariska also admitted that if she got carried away when she saw Lesti singing, Tessa Mariska admitted that she really liked the song “Once in a Lifetime”.

“Lesti appears again, Lesti sings, I sing along, you know. Lesti sings on stage, I’m also singing at home because I’m so happy,” said Tessa Mariska on YouTube Esge Entertainment, reported Thursday, July 20, 2023.

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