viral! Shani JKT48’s tweet after announcing his graduation

Jakarta – JKT48 Captain Shani Indira Natio made an announcement at the end of the JKT48 Summer Festival concert. He said that he would soon graduate from the idol group from Jakarta.

Shani JKT48 delivered the message when it was raining at Tennis Outdoor Senayan. Instantly Shani became a trending topic on Twitter. What was the tweet like after the graduation announcement? Here’s the article.

Pass Announcement

Shani JKT48

Shani JKT48 who is the captain of JKT48 decided to graduate after 9 years as a member. Shani JKT48 said that he learned a lot while he was a member and captain.

Shani also said that JKT48 would continue to grow to become even bigger. However, he could not continue to be with the idol group.

“I am Shani Indira from the third generation and the captain of JKT48, announcing that I will graduate from JKT48,” said Shani.

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