Waiting for Arya Saloka to Come to the ‘Curhat Bang’ Podcast, Denny Sumargo: He Needs a Place to Tell a Story

Jakarta – Denny Sumargo is currently a trending topic after urging Arya Saloka to clarify on the same stage at the Awards event.

Having been friends for a long time, Denny admitted that he was waiting for Arya Saloka to stop by his podcast. Is it true? Scroll through the following articles!

Wait on Podcasts

Denny Sumargo, Arya Saloka

Arrogant basketball player Denny Sumargo expressed his apology after flirting with Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo on the Awards stage so that it became a boom in the news.

Not intending to go anywhere, the husband of Olivia Allan actually understood what Arya Saloka was feeling, so he wanted to invite her to sit down and tell a story on the ‘Curhat Bang’ podcast. It’s like they need a place to vent, will Arya Saloka appear on Denny Sumargo’s podcast?

“Yes, I really like to prank Arya, okay, sorry, dear Arya. So Arya is the person I’ve been waiting for the most at Curhat Bang,” said Denny Sumargo, in a YouTube broadcast, reported on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

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