Wanting to Upgrade Dangdut and Be Cooler, Melanie Subono and Denny Caknan Succeed in Holding the UUD Festival


Jakarta – Melanie Subono and Denny Caknan are predicted to be the pioneers and originators of the Dangdut Festival which has been held in 3 cities.

Wanting to change the views of the Indonesian people regarding dangdut music concerts, this is how Melanie and Denny Caknan started to collaborate. Let’s scroll!

Want Dangdut Class Up

Melanie Subono

Melanie Subono and koplo singer Denny Caknan collaborated to bring together their spectacular ideas to present dangdut music performances in a luxurious and elegant way in today’s era.

Admittedly invited by Denny Caknan, Melanie Subono was determined to swerve into the dangdut music genre in order to preserve one of Indonesia’s cultures. Even when met at the Jakarta UUD festival on Saturday, July 1 2023 yesterday, Melanie Subono enthusiastically leaked the initial concept of the formed UUD.

“First I was visited by Denny, he wanted to explain dangdut because he was annoyed to see that dangdut concerts are always free, the sound is bad, basically all the negative stigma,” said Melanie Subono, when met backstage at the Jakarta Constitution, Sunday, July 2, 2023.

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