Wearing an elementary school uniform, Adam Suseno is engrossed in sucking on foot candy

Jakarta – Inul Daratista and Adam Suseno always look compact with the funny content they create. This was apparently also seen when attending an event in the Central Jakarta area.

Adam Suseno is seen wearing an elementary school (SD) uniform. What was the fun moment like? Let’s take a peek at the article.

Peep Celebrity / Wahyu Firmansyah

Photo: IntipSeleb/ Wahyu Firmansyah

Inul Daratista and Adam Suseno were seen attending an event. In accordance with the theme, both of them were present wearing school uniforms.

However, what’s interesting is that Adam actually came wearing an elementary school uniform. In fact, he uses all the complete attributes, from hats, ties, to bags.

During the interview, Adam Suseno actually made the wrong focus because he was actually engrossed in sucking on the blue foot candy. Even in his uniform pocket he pocketed a snack.

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