Wearing prison clothes, Bobon Santoso Detained by BNN Bali Province?

Bali – Shocking news from Bobon Santoso. The chef and YouTuber shared photos and videos wearing orange clothes typical of prisoners.

In fact, Bobon Santoso was seen being detained by the Bali Province National Narcotics Agency (BNN). What is it? Check out the full article!

BNN Bali Arrested Bobon Santoso?

Through his Instagram, Bobon Santoso shared his photo while wearing an orange prisoner’s shirt at the BNN in Bali Province. Not alone, he was accompanied by one of his colleagues.

While wearing the prisoner’s orange clothes, Bobon Santoso and his colleagues were held by two Bali Province BNN officers. Bobon and his partner looked downcast with their hands handcuffed.

Then, Bobon Santoso also shared his video while wearing the prisoner’s orange clothes. Initially, Bobon and his partner faced the rear, then the officers made them face the front.

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