Wearing Prisoner’s Clothes, Bobon Santoso Asks For Forgiveness: No Need to Regret


Bali – Bobon Santoso showed photos and videos of himself wearing the prison clothes of the Bali Province National Narcotics Agency (BNN). The crazy culinary YouTuber was even handcuffed while looking down languidly.

Now, Bobon Santoso mentions that there is no need for regret. Like what? Take a peek at the full article!

No regrets, just need to be forgiven


Photo : Instagram/bobonsantoso

Bobon Santoso still leaves a riddle after showing his portrait wearing an orange prison suit at BNNP Bali. Most recently, the chef and YouTuber made a statement via his Instagram story.

Bobon Santoso mentioned, a regret doesn’t seem necessary. Because, now he only hopes to be forgiven. In his upload, Bobon uses a song Collapse by Feby Putri and Fiersa Besari as the backsound.

“No need to regret, just hope to be forgiven,” wrote Bobon Santoso on his Instagram Story, reported by IntipSeleb on Sunday, July 16, 2023.

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