What is Zuppa Soup? Creamy Invitation Menu, Here’s How To Make It!


PeekSeleb – Zuppa soup is a delicious thick soup and can be enjoyed with many variations and different ingredients. Usually, this food is often found at formal events, one of which is most attached to is at a wedding reception.

What is zuppa soup like and how is it made? Let’s take a peek at this article to the end!

What is Zuppa Soup

zuppa soup
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Zuppa soup is a thick soup that originates from Italy, and in Indonesian can be translated as “hat soup” or “zuppa soup”. This soup is usually served with pastry or puff pastry placed on top like a hat.

Zuppa soup has various variants, but generally consists of ingredients such as Italian sausage (or other sausage variants), crushed red peppers, diced onions, bacon, thick garlic paste (this type of dough is often known as puree), chicken bouillon, heavy cream, potatoes and kale.

In the Italian version, zuppa soup usually does not use pastry as an addition. Zuppa soup is also known as Zuppa Toscana because it comes from the Toscana region, Italy. One serving of zuppa soup has around 430 calories, while one plate of rice has around 204 calories.

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