‘Whose Sperm Was It’ Denise Chariesta Was Insinuated Selling Used Panties and Bras for Birth


Jakarta – Celebgram lisp Denise Chariesta is known to have opened an open donation and is now selling used panties and bras to the public. This he did to pay for the birth of his son.

However, he even disinirir all-out. Like what? Take a full peek below.

Selling Used Panties and Bras

Denise Chariesta

After opening an open donation, Denise Chariesta is now caught selling her used panties and bras to the public. Through an instastory uploaded again by a gossip account, the celebrity who was rumored to be close to Regi Datau, Ayu Dewi’s husband opened this up for the cost of giving birth to his first child.

“Tomorrow’s theme is selling bras and preloved CDs, right?” wrote Denise Chariesta, quoted from Instagram @lambe_danu, Monday, 10 July 2023.

Instead of being compassionate and touched, netizens were even sarcastic and critical of the actions of Uya Kuya’s colleague. He was even shamelessly mocked and even ridiculed because previously he admitted to being an affair with the artist’s husband with the initials RD.

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