Wicked Evil Woman, Lady Nayoan: Caught But Seems Alright

Jakarta – It turns out that Lady Nayoan has won a talent show. However, the wife of Rendy Kjaernett chose to become a housewife because she was a love slave.

At the same time, Lady Nayoan gave a message in the form of lessons she had learned from many things. What’s the message? Take a peek at his confession!

Became a Housewife Because I Had Bucin

Doctor Richard Lee asked Lady Nayoan, one of his jobs. Recognized by the Lady, he never worked. In fact, Lady claimed to have won a talent search event in 2005.

“Lady never won a talent show in 2005 huh?” ask dr. Richard Lee started the conversation, reported by IntipSeleb from his Instagram, July 5, 2023.

“Yes, in 2005. Yes, not really old,” said Lady Nayoan.
“It turns out you used to work huh,” said doctor Richard.

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