Wow! Prince William’s salary as heir to the throne of the British Empire has reached multi-million dollars

English – The British Royal Family released their annual financial report on Thursday, 29 June 2023 yesterday. In the report, Prince William’s annual salary information was revealed.

What amount will he get? Here’s more information.

Prince William’s salary

Prince William, prince harry

According to Hollywood Life, Prince William received nearly £6 million in personal income from the Duchy of Cornwall this year, according to royal accounts.

The flood of dollars came after Prince William inherited the Duchy lands following the death of his grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, and the accession of his father, King Charles III. Along with the estate, William received the title of 25th Duke of Cornwall, which entitles him to any surplus advantages of the dukedom.

The Duchy generated a record profit of £24m or Rp392bn in 2022-23 – up £1m or Rp16bn from the previous year, according to the report. Normally, William would be entitled to receive the entire £24 million (Rp.392 billion) in his personal earnings. However, things got a little messy with his finances when he suddenly became heir to the throne in the middle of the financial year.

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