Zaskia Gotik is allegedly having fun taking selfies when children are crying, netizens: Julid is great!

Jakarta – Circulating a video of Zaskia Gotik busy recording a video of herself. But the concern is when the singer of the song1 hour’ was silent as his son cried.

Because of Zaskia Gotik’s attitude, which is considered to be ignorant when a child cries, netizens are full of sarcasm and defense. Like what? Take a peek at the article below!

Zaskia Gotik is fun to take selfies when children cry

Launching Instagram @lambegosiip, a video clip from singer Zaskia Gotik was re-uploaded. In the video, Zaskia Gotik looks engrossed in recording herself in a mirror.

Sirajuddin Mahmud’s wife was engrossed in showing off her make-up flawless and her beautifully loose brown hair. Meanwhile, Zaskia Gotik poses beautifully when she looks in the mirror.

But it didn’t last long, Zaskia Gotik’s child was heard crying. The child let out a loud cry.

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