7 Family portraits of Michael Rendy who experienced a robbery, Clayton’s father was injured

Jakarta – Celebrity Michael Rendy’s house underwent an attempted robbery in Semarang, Central Java. Luckily, Michael Rendy, his wife Lizzebeth, and Clayton survived this tense incident.

Investigate a calibaration, the perpetrators of the robbery of Michael Rendy’s family were his own neighbors. The perpetrators recklessly attacked using a knife which caused Michael to suffer injuries to his ears and hands.

Nevertheless, Michael Rendy expressed his gratitude and gratitude to the Lord Jesus because his family was still given the opportunity. So, what is the portrait of Michael Rendy’s family, Clayton’s father, who experienced a robbery? Let’s take a peek one by one!

Michael Randy's family

1. Michael Rendy and Lizzebeth often share family portraits on their respective social media. For example, when the moment of Indonesian Independence Day. Michael’s little family did not forget to celebrate too.

Michael Randy's family

2. Michael Rendy is known as a celebrity as well as a TikToker who often uploads theme content family, especially Clayton his eldest son. Because of Clayton’s humor, Michael is famous as one of the influencers.

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