Jakarta Fair Carnival Parade Showcases the Walubi Marching Band

PeekSeleb – The 2023 Jakarta Fair Kemayoran Carnival Parade took place with great fanfare on Thursday 6 July 2023. The carnival parade was even more lively with the presence of the Walubi Marching Band (Representative of Indonesian Buddhists).

What’s the fun like? Come on, see more below.

Jakarta Fair Carnival Parade

The carnival parade is one of the entertainments that characterizes the Jakarta Fair event. During this time, the visitors always feel entertained by the parade being carried out around it.

The series of Jakarta Fair carnival parades starts from the main stage to the Central Commerce Building (GPN). Right in front of the GPN, the carnival participants showed off to entertain the Jakarta Fair visitors who were waiting to capture the moment.

This year’s carnival parade has the theme Lively Colorful Carnival, which is held twice a week. Carnival participants consist of marching band groups, Kirana Budaya dance studios, ondel-ondel, clowns, animated characters, unique mascots, to cosplay performances.

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