Synopsis of Film 47 Meters Down (2017), When Stuck in a Seabed Iron Cage Surrounded by Sharks

United States of America – The film 47 Meters Down was released in 2017 ago. This film tells the story of two women who try extreme diving in an iron cage surrounded by ferocious sharks.

However, the iron cage broke, causing the two women to fall into 47 meters of water. Curious? Take a peek at the synopsis of 47 Meters Down below.

The film 47 Meters Down tells the story of Lisa (Mandy Moore) who is upset because she broke up with her boyfriend. Not liking seeing her sister sad, Kate (Clarie Holt) invites Lisa to Mexico for a vacation.

Lisa and Kate’s vacation actually ends in horror. It started when the two of them met with local residents. Both of them were then interested in trying the extreme rides that were offered.

Lisa and Kate are invited to dive while watching ferocious sharks from inside an iron cage. When she arrived at the dock, Lisa was worried when she met the owner of the ship, Captain Taylor (Matthew Modine).

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